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Masonry & Concrete Construction

Vetor Contracting has been providing new masonry and concrete services for the construction industry since 1996.

We believe in providing quality services with competitive pricing.


We provide a full range of masonry and concrete contracting services.
We’ve done work for:

  • Colleges

  • Office Buildings

  • Museums

  • k-12 School Districts

  • Hospitals

  • Civic Centers

  • Sports Venues

  • Retail Stores

  • Industrial Centers

  • Municipalities


Sealants & Waterproofing Systems

Vetor Contracting serves all types of building owners, contractors, engineers, and others in the sealant/waterproofing market.  It is our goal to provide desired results in protecting your building asset needs.

  • All types of sealants for the glass and glazing industry

  • Sealants for the EIFS industry

  • Parking Structures

  • Metal Panels

  • Masonry Structures

  • Hot and Cold Waterproofing Systems

  • Structural Glazing

  • Butt Joints

  • Window Perimeters

  • Wet Glazing

  • Needle Glazing

  • Sealant Restoration

Structural Concrete Restoration


The knowledge and expertise that Vetor Contracting brings to each of its concrete repair projects makes Vetor Contracting the preferred Concrete Restoration Contractor.

  • Parking Structure Restoration

  • Bridge Repair

  • Concrete Structure Repair

  • Water Department Structure Repair

  • Vaults and Pits

  • Beam Repair

  • Stem Repair

  • Column Repair

  • Wall Repair

  • Tee Flange Repair

  • Partial Depth Repair

  • Post Tension Repair

  • Expansion Joint Repair

  • Sealants/Waterproofing

  • Crack Injection

Building Facade Restoration

Vetor Contracting is a full service façade restoration contractor for many types of exterior facades both contemporary and historical structures.  The line of products and services we provide to protect and restore facades of your structure is vast.

VCS is experienced in providing façade restoration services for Owners, Developers, Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, and others.  We understand the due diligence process, testing, analysis, and codes to make your restoration project a success.

  • Masonry:

    • Tuck Pointing

    • Rebuilding Masonry Walls

    • Flashing Repairs

    • Lintel Repair

    • Helical Anchoring

    • Restoration Cleaning

  • Terra Cotta:

    • Pointing

    • Removal – Duplication – and Resetting of Terra Cotta Units

    • Patching

    • Anchoring

    • Restoration Cleaning

  • Stone Restoration

    • Mankato Restoration

    • Limestone Restoration

    • Sandstone Restoration

    • All Stone Types

      • Patching of stone to match adjacent conditions

      • Rebuilding stone construction

      • Pointing

      • Restoration Cleaning

  • Metal Panels

    • Oxidation Reversal Process

    • Protection systems to oxidation phenomenon

    • Re-surfacing of metal panels (wall coatings)

  • EIFS and Other Types of Exterior Finish Systems

    • EIFS Repairs

    • Wall Coatings

  • Curtain Wall Systems

    • Gasket Repair

    • Aluminum Frame Repair

    • Flashing Repair

    • Wet Glazing

    • Water Leak Detection

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