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  • Stop log installation and removal

  • Traveling water screens

  • Debris removal

  • Diver assisted dredging, jetting and airlifting

  • Non-destructive cleaning utilizing cavitation

  • Potable water storage facilities repairs

  • Underwater welding, cutting and, burning

  • Epoxy injection

  • Concrete spalls and cracks

  • Pile jacket and encapsulation

  • Bridge substructure

  • Locks and dams

  • Intakes and outfalls

  • Fabrication and coatings

  • Cathodic protection systems construction

    • Installation of valves, sluice gates and water screens

  • Coffer dam installation and removal

  • Concrete and grout placement

  • Pipeline installation

  • Structural reinforcement placement









  • Detailed inspection of piers, bridges, dock walls, moorings, etc.

  • Interior and exterior pipe inspection

  • QA/QC for underwater construction projects

  • Water influent and effluent control structures

  • Trash racks, bar screens and traveling water screens

  • Potable water tanks and clear wells

  • Bridge and scour surveys

  • Inland waterway infrastructure







  • Ultrasonic thickness measurements

  • Non-destructive testing (NDT)

  • Concrete and timber coring

  • Metal detection techniques

  • Ground penetrating radar

Surveys and Inspection Support

Advanced Testing


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